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Hello TaTiO! Skillset is Rebranding.

Updated: Aug 7

Going forward with a gaze toward the Future of Work, and introducing novel technologies into the HR industry, the company’s Polestar is altering.

Looking at the financial crisis, the great resignation, and the urgent necessity for talented working hands, the main focal point of the company centers around the applicant-to-hire ratio and competencies-based hiring. In order to solve major challenges in the workforce, and place a valid, dominant, and efficient solution, the power of competency is taking charge of the recruiting process.

With that in mind, meet our new brand - TaTiO!

The name came from the El Tatio geothermal field in northern Chile, in the Andes mountains. It has dozens of hot springs, geysers, and steaming soil. The particular location represents the high energy and intensity that comes with the brand, and the special channels that candidates are coming from.

Tatio new logo

The new logo greatly represents the company’s values and attributes. Starting with defining the AI technology with the ‘a’ and ‘i’ which are typed differently to highlight the core of the tech method and the inherent role it plays in the solution. The different sizes of letters represent the budding diversity that companies will gain when using TaTiO.

In addition, there are 3 circles that echo in the colorful shapes, and in the letters, 'a', 'o', and 'i' - these 3 circles consist of job seekers, employers, and the community. The circles are all merged together, connected to each other, and are not actual symmetric circles - we are agile, changeable, and synergize with each other.

The three colors in the symbol are inspired by the potent energy in the geothermal field - fire, geysers, heat, and boiling environment. The range and graduation of the colors mimic the diversity, flexibility, and possibilities that constitute the brand.

We hope to make a powerful statement in the industry with the strategic approach, vision, and appearance. Visual Identity by: Amit Levi

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