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Find Qualified & Available Candidates With The Click Of a Button

Access a constantly updated pool of knowledgeable candidates ranked by their ability to perform the tasks for each job. Use a variety of filtering options and easily connect with your future employees.

All you are left to do is interview the ones you want to hire.

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Real Jobs Performed by Real Candidates in Real-Time

Candidates engage in job experience simulations from a variety of positions and industries. The AI-based analysis tracks their performance online and immediately provides a full report with a job-specific prediction score.

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Streamline your work with a complete hiring solution.

When deep market analysis meets tech

Active Pre-sourcing

Through traditional and unique sourcing channels, candidates are invited to try out a job before applying to it.

Job simulation

Candidates actively engage in job experience simulations that demonstrate the main core tasks of the position. 150 data points are automatically collected to analyze the candidates' main competencies. 

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Recruiter's Performance Overview

Recruiters access an updated pool of qualified, relevant, and available candidates ranked based on their competencies.

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Hire Based on Competencies,
Not Credentials

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