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A Hiring Solution
That Works.

Sourcing through simulations.
Finding hidden talent.


TaTiO is leading competency-based hiring.

A new approach that levels it up. 

TaTiO matches companies and job seekers based on their proven competencies and not the stories in their resumes.

Increase employee engagement, reduce hiring bias, and access an untapped pool of candidates in a way you've never seen before. 

A new sourcing method that makes your life easier. 

You can interview only the right candidates, save time and money,
and improve retention with a comprehensive solution. 

A recruiter's job is never easy. The responsibility is huge and resources are scarce.


Simulations and proven competencies streamline the hiring process and help you do the job. 

Real job experiences that simulate the core tasks of a job.
Interview knowledgeable people that were proven to be good at the job before you meet them.

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Objective. Transparent. Inclusive. 

Receive objective insights about your candidates after they perform a live simulation of a specific role.  


Get better over time. TaTiO learns what makes new hires successful and improves the process to find them.

Learn how to reach untapped potential

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