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TaTiO's Virtual Job Simulation

The Future is Proof-Based Recruiting

What are Virtual Job Simulations?

Virtual Job Simulations are a groundbreaking approach that empowers candidates to demonstrate their skills by performing real job tasks in a virtual environment. This innovative solution goes beyond resumes and interviews, offering tangible proof of a candidate's ability.

Experience the benefits:

For Employers: Make informed hiring decisions based on performance data.

For Candidates: Enjoy an unforgettable recruitment journey that gives a true sense of the role.

Skills Based Evaluation

Candidates are given tasks that closely mimic actual job responsibilities. This isn't hypothetical; it's a direct reflection of what they'll be doing on the job, providing a realistic preview of the work ahead.

Objective Assessment

As candidates complete the Virtual Job Simulation, their performance is evaluated based on objective criteria. This means decisions are made based on demonstrable skills and outcomes, not just resumes or subjective impressions.

Efficiency and Scalability

TaTiO streamline the evaluation process, allowing for a broader assessment of candidates in a shorter time frame. This efficiency benefits both the candidates and the recruiting team, making the path to the perfect hire faster and less cumbersome.

AI Data-Driven Insights

We collect 150 data points per candidate, including text, voice, video, actions, pace and quality of work. These data points are meticulously analyzed to generate a prediction score that reflects the candidate's actual abilities and suitability for the role.

Optimizing Recruiting with Adaptive Learning

We use recruiting analytics to refine our hiring process continually. By developing a dynamic 'golden standard' based on this data, our system not only adapts to your changing needs but also sharpens recruitment precision—resulting in superior candidate matches and streamlined hiring.

Customize with Ease

No-Code Simulation Editor

We create tailored Virtual Job Simulations to your company and brand with our No-Code Simulation Editor. You get immersive scenarios, aligned with your roles, making your recruiting process truly reflective of your company's unique needs and values.

TaTiO Gets the Job Done!

Faster Hiring for Lower Costs 

Our approach not only streamlines the recruitment process but ensures a deep alignment between a candidate's capabilities and the job's demands. By providing a realistic preview of potential roles and evaluating skills in action, we offer unparalleled insights into candidate suitability. This leads to evidence-backed, faster recruiting decisions, building teams with confidence and reducing mismatches.


application rates 


time to hire

Improved Candidate

retention rates

What our users have to say

"This was the best interview and hiring process I’ve been through!!!"

Scott M.

“Excellent simulation. It was like I was in the call center.”

Dallas M.

“I really enjoyed the simulation. It was a little strange at first, but definitely got the hang of it after the first part!”

Nyree T.

" I really like this format of getting to ‘feel’ what the work will be like to see if it’s a good git.”

Alicia L.

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Experience a recruitment process where precision ensures the ideal match between candidates and roles. Dive into data-driven, customized simulations that lead to confident, evidence-based decisions. Ready to elevate your recruiting strategy?

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